Chain automation with aerial installation. Indicated for garages with little lateral space, it does not occupy space on the sides of the gate. Ideal for gates with sheet up to 2.5 meters in length

Only one automation is required to move the two sheets.

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Power 127 V / 220 V
Rated power (consumption) 127 V=320 W 220 V=480 W
Consumption (A) 127V=2,7A 220V=2,1A
Motor Single-phase
Gate Weight 125kg
Internal crown Nylon
Output Frequency 60 Hz
Engine speed (RPM) 1740
Reduction 1:30
Opening / closing time (rail 1,5 m)* 10 s
Number of cycles / hour 30
Capacitor 127V=25µF 220V=12µF
Limit switch Digital
Trigger ChAin ISO 410 (1/2 x 1/8)