Automatic doors for the most varied environments

  • Automatic doors that help people traffic and help maintain the climate of the place.
  • Adaptive automation systems for doors that already exist in place, reducing the cost in case of reforms.
  • Antipanic door systems for rapid evacuation of the premises in emergencies, or application in environments with displacement of large objects such as car dealerships.

Efficiency and Economy combined with security

The new JetFlex Brushless technology automates are the ideal solution to increase the speed of the gate at the entrance or exit of your condo or your company. With this, the waiting time on the street is less, reducing the risk of being approached by criminals. In addition, this new technology reduces energy consumption, making a big difference in monthly consumption in high-flow locations.

Enter a new universe of innovation with JetFlex Brushless automation.

More Security in Restricted Locations

Access controls to restrict environments, such as keyboards for passwords and proximity cards. All with identification and registration of users.

Complete alarm and CCTV systems for real-time monitoring.

Concertinas and fence electrifiers for the perimeter security of the property.

Gates for access control

Several models for the many kinds of applications, all with JETFLEX Inverter technology. It can also work in conjunction with concierge access controls, such as totems, card issuers, among many others.

The most complete line of industrial automation

PPA has a complete line of automation systems for large and heavy gates that require a lot of resistance without compromising performance. Locations such as carriers that have a high flow of vehicles can count on PPA solutions.